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I’m Charlie Liebert your host and creator of this site.  I became a Christian at 35 after being a "hard-core" Atheist for more than 15 years.   He earned a BS in Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickenson University, 1967 and an MBA in marketing at Iona College Graduate Division, 1982. My conversion to Jesus Christ was sudden, dramatic, and unexpected.  I have shared my testimony in schools, churches, civic clubs, Bible studies, CBMC, etc. For more details of my life journey read my biography, my diverse jobs and careers, and my testimony.  You can teach Christian evangelism in your church, school, or other group based on my book: "Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!" which has a 12-session workbook and a short course Interested?   Look at these videos to get to know Charlie.

1). A TV interview about Charlie's first two Christian Apologetics books on Triad Alive 7/17/2015.  
2) Charlie answers the question; "Why did you become an Atheist as a young man and then later in life become a Christian? 
3) Testimony at a Church Seminar in Ohio. Charlie’s Testimony at Grace.
4) Promotional Video filmed in Battleground Park in Greensboro, NC. Charlie’s Lakeside Testimony. 

Charlie Liebert, at 35, in 1977, left Atheism to become a Christian.  When he converted to Christ he immediately saw the contradiction between Creation and Evolution.  After 3 years of study, he evolved from an Atheistic Evolutionist into a Young Earth Creationist.  Starting in the early 1980s, Charlie conducted workshops and seminars teaching Bible truth especially Creation from Genesis, and in 1994 after retiring from CIBA-Geigy, he founded the ministry "Creation, Dinosaurs and thE Flood (CDEF)".  From 1995 to 2005 (10 years) he produced a weekly one-hour TV show, "Creation Education Foundation" on the Greensboro Community Television Channel.  In 1996 he joined the Board of Caldwell Community Classical Christian Academy and served two years guiding the early development and implementation of the Classical teaching method and the school's relocation to Horse Pen Creek Road.  We have added some information to this site describing Classical education because of its growing popularity.  After leaving the Caldwell Board he taught weekly science assemblies at the school while also doing workshops and seminars for Ken Ham's ministry "Answers in Genesis" From 1995 until 2005 many Homeschool groups in the southeastern US sponsored Charlie's CDEF weekend programs.  In 2004 Charlie began teaching Business subjects at Davidson County Community College.  Charlie began his career as an author and publisher in 2012 and published his first book in 2015. Ten years later by 2022 he authored and published sixteen paperbacks and eighteen eBooks. Here are some of his books on display in 2018 at a library book fair.

In addition to his own, he's helped other authors publish their work in Paperbacks, Hardbacks, and eBooks. Other Author Books  All books were published using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and are sold on Amazon.com or as Kindel eBooks. Charlie's books are published in four genres: 1) Five books, in Christian Apologetics plus 2 study guides (seven in total), 2) Two books, in Christian Education, 3) Three books, in General Fiction (one novel and two short stories), and 4) Four books, in Creative Historical Non-Fiction of Liebert family history from 1898  to 1950. (2 are only eBooks because of their short length).


LORD bless you in your work for Jesus Christ. Charlie Liebert

On this site you’ll find

BOOKS written and published by Charlie Liebert in genres: Christian Apologetics and Education, Suicide & Grieving, Fiction, and Liebert Family History. 18 paperbacks, 6 hardbacks, and 20 eBooks in all.

BOOKS published for other authors in Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing in a wide variety of topics and genres.  16 as of 11/2022

BLOG For three years Charlie wrote a weekly blog on many topics from a Christian perspective. Cataloged here by topic.  Currently UNDER Construction, BLOGS being added.

CLASSICAL CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Information, Justification, and Implementation including Private and Home Schools.  Charlie worked as a founding board member and later a teacher at Caldwell Academy, a Christian, Classical, Community school in Greensboro NC. https://www.caldwellacademy.org

Christian Aplogetics Video ANSWERS more than 60 of the "hard" questions Christians are asked were culled from more than 20 years of workshops and seminars videos conducted by Charlie under the ministries of AIG (Answers in Genesis) and CDEF (Creation Dinosaurs and thE Flood).

NEW BOOK INTRODUCED September 10, 2022.  Suicide’s Aftermath! Three Griefs More! Christian Couple's Compounded Grief for a Loved One's Suicide.  Charlie & Terry Liebert both became Christians in their mid-life in their 30s.  Now 81 and 76, after 53 years of marriage, they face their greatest life tragedy, the unexpected suicide death of their only son at age 51.  Journey together with them as they agonize through three more levels of grief.  1) Sudden and Unexpected Death 2) Suicide & Grieving and 3) Eternal Destiny.   Sunday School Class PP Slides.  PowerPoint Slides from Book

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