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I’m Charlie Liebert your host and creator of this site.  I became a Christian at 35 after being a “hard-core” Atheist for more than 15 years.   My conversion to Jesus Christ was sudden, dramatic, and unexpected.  I have shared my testimony in schools, churches, civic clubs, Bible studies, CBMC, etc. For more details read my biography and/or my testimony.  I’ve taught Christian evangelism in many churches, schools, and secular groups based on my book: “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!”  Interested? At the bottom of this home page is a form to email me directly.   

Charlie began his career as an author in 2012 and published his first book in 2015.  By early 2021 he authored and published sixteen paperbacks and eighteen eBooks. In addition, he’s helped twelve other authors publish Paperbacks and eBooks. Other Author Books  All books were published using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and are sold as paperbacks on Amazon.com or as Kindel eBooks and also occasionally sold as Hardbacks.  Here are Charlie’s books on display in 2018 at a library book fair.

NEW BOOK INTRODUCED September 10, 2022

Charlie & Terry Liebert both became Christians at mid-life in their 30s.  Now 80 and 75, after 53 years of marriage, they face their greatest life tragedy, the unexpected suicide death of a dear loved one.  Journey together with them as they agonize through three more levels of grief.

We grieve a person’s death because we know, deep inside ourselves, that death is NOT the way God intended the Universe to work.  No matter what the direct cause of anyone’s death is, sorrow immediately envelops the survivors, and they begin to grieve that person’s passing.  That is normal grief.  In this book, we will describe three levels of grieving that go beyond the expected or anticipated death of a person we loved.  Our grief and suffering intensify at each level as we consider the sudden, unexpected death by suicide of a close friend or relative.  These increasing levels of grief raise questions about death, suicide, and our Christianity that we must answer if we expect to eventually resume our “normal” life.  One question that I’ve already been asked is, “Why bring in the Christian perspective?”  The answer is simple.  I don’t know how I could have dealt with our loved one’s death without my relationship with Jesus.  I had Job’s choice: Flee from God “Curse God and die!” OR Flee to God “How can we accept good and NOT evil?”  More Info: Three increasing levels of grief are:

  • Grieving for a sudden unexpected death, recognizing the source of death from the Scriptures, SIN. DEATH is transitory. It had a beginning (Genesis 3) and a definite end (Revelation 20). 
  • Grieving for one’s death by suicide and its unique impact on the survivors. Asking the “WHY” question. “Why did he/she die by suicide?”  The shame of Suicide?
  • Grieving by Christians for the death of one who never made a profession of faith in Christ. Where are they now?  HEAVEN or HELL?  YOU can’t change it.  Leave that decision to God!

I’ve included an analysis of the death of Inspector Javert from Victor Hugo’s novel Les Misérables because it clearly illustrates the three steps to suicide 1) Situation (desperation), 2) Intolerable Dilemma (Inescapability), 3) The Decision to die.  Les Miz also contrasts the two covenants, WORK (the law of God) and GRACE (Jesus).

Get acquainted with Charlie.

Charlie Liebert, at 35, in 1977, left Atheism to become a Christian.  He’s earned a BS in Chemistry and an MBA in marketing. When he was converted he immediately saw the contradiction between Creation and Evolution.  After 3 years of study, he evolved from an Atheistic Evolutionist into a Young Earth Creationist.  Together with his wife, Terry they attend Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania since they moved from Greensboro in 2016.  Videos: 1) Lakeside Testimony.   2) Church Testimony.  3) “Why did you become an Atheist as a young man and then later in life become a Christian?”   4) One-hour TV interview about Charlie’s first two Christian Apologetics books on Triad Alive 7/17/2015.  

Workshops and Seminars

From 1982 until 2016 he conducted workshops and seminars for children and adults on the topics of Christian Apologetics, Creation vs. Evolution, and various aspects of Science, and Biblical History. For several years in the 1980s, he led programs for Ken Ham’s ministry “Answers in Genesis.”










TV and Video 

For 10 years, from 1995-2005, Charlie directed and produced a weekly, one-hour TV show in Greensboro, N.C. filmed from his workshops and seminars called “Creation Foundation Explanation.”   He was often recognized in the local region as that “Creation Guy.”   Charlie is extolled by many Christian peers as an excellent teacher of Christian Apologetics. Here is the Theme Song recorded by FROG and sung by my friend Mack Arrington.  

From more than ten years of weekly programs., we have produced more than 60 videos that answer questions about Science, the Bible and a broad range of Christian Apologetics Issues.  Use this link to look up videos by the question being answered.  They are all on my YOU Tube Channel but we are also providing Links to them here organized by topic. The number after the title is the number of videos in that series.

Astronomy 8                Creation & Evolution 10      Races. & Genetics 3

Creation Seminar 12           Dating & Fossils 4            Noah’s Flood  5

Creation & Evolution 10          Dinosaurs 4         Ten Common Questions 11 


Toastmasters International.

Living in Greensboro, NC, in 2012 he was a founding member of the first Christian-themed Toast Masters International (TM) club. He’s been a member of TM since and attributes increasing his personal skill in speaking and leadership to bimonthly attendance at club meetings.  In 2018 he was a mentor to the founding of a TM club in Carlisle, PA.  Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization’s membership exceeds 364,000 in more than 16,200 clubs in 145 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders.        

Publishing Assistance










Charlie Liebert, an experienced author, will help publish your writings as an eBook and/or paperback on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for less than $1,000.  Start by sending him a manuscript of at least 50 pages.  He’ll review if he will put it on Kindle as an eBook and convert it to paperback. It’s easy and inexpensive.  Click this link for detailed publishing instructions. KDP Publishing

In addition to his sixteen Paperbacks and eleven eBooks written by Charlie and published on KDP, he’s helped twelve other authors publish twelve eBooks and seven paperbacks with more underway. 

There are two significant advantages to letting Charlie help you publish your book with KDP.  First, when your book is published it is immediately available for sale on Amazon / Kindle at NO cost to you.  Second, the cost of paperback copies is less than half the cost of traditional publishers. For example, he published three books with a traditional publisher and later converted them to KDP.  Here’s a comparison of traditional publisher’s costs (Tr Pub) vs. KDP costs.

 Publish   Option  Charlie’s Three Book Titles List   My Sales     Price    Cost Margin  Margin 
  Tr Pub  Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! $ 13.95 $ 12.00 $   9.50 $  2.50    21%
   KDP  Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! $   7.99 $   7.00 $   2.66 $  4.34    62%
  Tr Pub  ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is in You $ 19.95 $ 16.00 $ 13.40 $  2.60    16%
   KDP  ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is in You $   9.99 $   9.00 $   3.60 $  5.40    60%
  Tr Pub  Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead!”   $ 17.95 $ 15.00 $ 11.50 $  3.50    23%
  Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead!”  
$   9.99
 $   9.00
  $  3.32
 $  5.68


Author copies of Black & White interior paperbacks of 50-100 pages with full-color cover can be purchased by authors for resale at $2.15, 156 pages @ $2.72, 240 pages @ $3.56.  Full-color books of 50 pages cost ~$6.00.   Click this link for detailed publishing instructions. KDP Publishing

Books Written & Published by Charlie Liebert 

Listed below are all the books written and published by Charlie Liebert. They are organized by genre. Links take you to pages with more detail.  One other author was added to Christian Evangelism.










General Christian

Christian Evangelism

Christian Apologetics

  • ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is in You. Direct, Simple Answers to the World’s “Hard Questions” Christian, do you want answers to those “hard” questions your friends and family ask?  Charlie answers more than 100 questions in short, clear answers and explains why Evolution fails.
  • Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead! Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE.” because it violates three scientific laws: the 1st Law (Something from Nothing), 2nd Law (Entropy) and the Law of Biogenesis (Life from Dead Stuff).
  • Charlie’s Christian Apologetic’s Blogs. Biblical Truth and Science in 3 Years of Blogs.

Christian Education

  • My Children’s Christian Education, What Should I Do? A Christian Educators Analysis and Advice.  Shows the Biblical Mandate to educate your Christian children and gives you an organized method to implement it by explaining ALL the educational options available in the US today.  You know your own family situation so you must choose which of these options are best to educate your children.
  • God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution.Teaching Guide to Biblical Creation. 8X10 full color  


  • Yellowstone’s Child. Kidnapped at 10 with complete amnesia she recovers her memory at 22 after she’s become a millionaire and successful TV star.  She asks: “Who am I? Sarah Johanson, Sally Graham, Sally Johnson or Detective Elaine Scott.”   NO! She answers “I’m Yellowstone’s Child”.  Rated “G.”  Great story for teens.

Liebert Family Creative Historical Nonfiction

For Liebert Family Members.  Not for general distribution)

Books Written by Other Authors, Published by Charlie Liebert 

Books are organized by genre. Links take you to pages with more detail.  









Biographical / General

  • Your Son Did Not Die in Vain. A true story about the devastating effects of video gaming addiction. By Liz Wooley with John Langel, Sr. Two versions: 8X10 full color and 6X9 B&W
  • POPS an Autobiography of a grandfather. Legacy Biography by Dan Kovlak. 6X9 B&W
  • Remembering Stephen. By Cindie Brown with Scot Brown and Charlie Liebert
  • The Rescued Cat That Was Chipped. By Debi McBride, Illustrations by Sarita Ricchiuto. 8X10 full color. Published 6/30/2019
  • As Luck Would Have It… And Then Again… by Stan Silverman eBook, Paper and Hard Covers. Publ;ished 9/30/2020


  • Business Principles That Honor God, worldwide! Startups, Operations, Successes and Failures. By Edward S Rowse 6X9 B&W
  • Selling From Your Soul. By John M. Langel, St., Coauthored by Lyndon B Risser 6X9 B&W Unpublished as of July 2022
  • Six Assets to Grow Personally and Advance Professionally:  A Practical Approach to Reach Lifelong Fulfillment.  By Hector Ortiz, Ph.D., DTM


  • Louie Lighthouse Book Series By Terry Webb. Five eBooks and paperbacks Study Guide. Published 3rd Quarter 2021
  • Manning the Light eBook and 6X9 Paperback
  • Weathering the Storms eBook and 6X9 Paperback
  • Mystery and Mishap eBook and 6X9 Paperback
  • Leaving the Light eBook and 6X9 Paperback
  • Louie Lighthouse Book Series Study Guide eBook and 8 ½ X 11 paperback


  • Anxiety in the Classroom: Evaluating the Relationship Between Instructor Immediacy and Public Speaking Anxiety Among College Students. By Russ Kulp. 6X9 Paperback and eBook
  • The Toxic Dangers of Video Games. Things you need to know about video games and the internet. By Liz Wooley and John Langel, Sr. 8X10 full color. Published 4/15/2021

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