The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf (Kindle eBook ONLY)


The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf.  Der Fluch der Hexe von Zahlendorf.

A 17th-century German folk tale dramatically illustrated by events in 1921. Included in books   1) Liebert Annals in Deutschland, Our Complete German History. And 2) Tales of a Teen Aristocrat, Pranksters, a Witch, a Curse, a Ghost and a Jew.

The maids in the Liebert household told the folk tale: “At the back of the cemetery by the lake is the grave of the witch of Zahlendorf where she waits for anyone to come near the stone marked Hexe.” As they said the word Hexe, they would frown and bring their faces very close to the children’s faces to frighten them.

They continue: “She was a very great witch and would often kidnap children to sacrifice them in their weekly Black Masses. Children that live here must be very careful when they go out at night not to see her as she wanders Zahlendorf looking for children to take away. The most dangerous time for children is the week of the full moon near All Hallows Eve because of the curse she uttered when she died.”

The maids would stop here and ask if the children would like to hear the curse. Of course, they always said yes. Now very slowly and with terrified emphasis on every word they said: “Er wird nicht live Wer setzt einen Dolch in meinem Grab auf All Hallows Eve. Ich werde bis aus der Hölle und ziehen ihn zu Tode. (English translation: He will not live who puts a dagger in my grave on All Hallows Eve. I will reach up from hell and draw him down to death.)” They closed reciting the curse with a cackling laugh.

They’d pause again and then ask in an innocent, friendly voice: “Will you go put a dagger into her heart, on All Hallows Eve?” All three children would say in unison: “NO!”

The four brothers left the Brauhaus and walked the one kilometer to the cemetery entrance. The fresh snow covered the ground. The storm had passed, and the broken clouds allowed the almost full moon to shine through occasionally. The moonlight shone on the graves with an eerie light that gave a sense of foreboding and fear.

As they arrived at the gate, Hans took out his dagger, held it in front of his face and said: “I am afraid of no dead witch.” Looking at his brothers he continued: “Let us go to her grave.

Table of Contents

  • The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf.
  •          Introduction
  •          The Curse
  •          Telling the Tale
  •          The Liebert’s Party
  •          All Hallows Eve at the Brauhaus
  •          Hans Takes Up the Challenge.
  •          At the Cemetery
  •          At the Grave
  •          A New Day
  •          Epilogue
  • Stories of Curses and Ghosts
  •          The Curse at 23 Garten Strasse
  •          The White Lady of the Lake
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