Tales of a Teen Aristocrat, Pranksters, a Witch, a Curse, a Ghost and a Jew.

ForTales of a Teen Aristocrat, Pranksters, a Witch, a Curse, a Ghost and a Jew”  I’ve edited my published family history, “Liebert Annals in Deutschland, Our German Family History.”  by removing specific details that are of little to no interest to non-family.  Included are three stories about our German roots that were published on Kindle. Where necessary, I’ve created details to provide continuity to the plots. This book is based on real events and classified creative historical nonfiction containing these five stories.

Helene at Mama Henney’s Boarding School for Girls.

Pranks by Eva, and Rosemarie (Excerpt from “Liebert Annals in Deutschland”)

The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf. (Kindle eBook ONLY)

Tales of Curses and Ghosts (From The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf)

Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1. Helene at Mama Henney’s Boarding School for Girls.
  •   A School for Helene
  •               Helene Olga Franziska Quandt
  •               TB! (Tuberculosis)
  •               Mama Henney’s Boarding School
  •   Getting Started
  •               Arriving at Mama Henney’s.
  •               Enrolled!
  •               Weekends at Mama Henney’s
  •               The Initiation
  •   Adventures
  •               Heidi and the Departure Ball
  •               Greta is Expelled
  •               TB Blows in With a Roar.
  •   Expelled?
  •               Baby and the Prince
  •               Hans Quandt comes to Milan.
  •               The Last Term in Milan
  • 2. Pranks by Eva and Rosemarie
  •   The Baby Switch. 
  •   The Casket and Hearse
  •   The Birthday Party. 
  •   Phone Pranks
  • 3. The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf.
  •   The Curse
  •   Telling the Tale
  •   The Liebert’s Party
  •   All Hallows Eve at the Brauhaus
  •   Hans Takes Up the Challenge.
  •   At the Cemetery
  •   At the Grave
  •   A New Day
  •   Epilogue
  • 4. Tales of Curses and Ghosts
  •   The Curse at #23 Garten Strasse
  •   The White Lady of the Lake.
  • 5. Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation.
  •   Prelude
  •   Jewish Father, Lutheran Mother
  •               Felix Albert Liebert
  •               Helene Olga Franziska Quandt
  •   Helga, Rosemarie’s Berlin Cousin
  •   Rosemarie’s Jewish Husband
  •   Kristallnacht, November 9-10 1938(Wikipedia)
  •   Diamonds and Identity
  •   The Gestapo Search for Rosemarie
  •               The Gestapo Call
  •               Interrogation.
  •               Epilogue
  • Appendix Liebert Family Birth & Death Time Line
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