CCE Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Part 1 Education’s Clashing Foundations
Chapter 1 Society’s Changes
           Cultural Considerations
           1940’s Culture
           1980’s Culture
            Society’s Changes
            A Nation at Risk

Chapter 2 Humanism in Education
            History – the Internal Conspiracy
            History – the External Conspiracy
            Education Myths
                  1) Over-population, too many people
                  2) Shortage of natural resources, not enough stuff
                  3) Evolution, from pond scum to dirt.
                  4) One world government.
                  5) Is Socialism a successful economic system?
            Recent Developments
            Humanist Manifesto
            Humanist Success in Public Schools, Excluding God

Chapter 3 Christianity in Education
            Christian Fundamentals
            Five Solas
            Apostle’s Creed
            World Religions – Christianity’s Uniqueness
                        God’s Not Relevant Religion
                        Non-Christian Religion

Chapter 4 Humanism vs. Christianity
            Humanist Dialogue
            Christian Resources by Charlie Liebert
                        Always Be Ready to Give an Answer, A  Personal Evangelism Plan
                        ANSWERS For: “The Hope That Is In You!” Answers to 106 Questions
                        Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead! – Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE!

Part 2 Education’s Challenges
Chapter 5 Content
                        On Free Enterprise vs. Socialism
                        On Morality and Religion
            Humanism in Language and Math
            Language and Evolution – Tom Wolfe’s
                 “Kingdom of Speech”  (Charlie’s Blog 4/28/2017)
            Critical Thinking and Political Correctness
                        Critical Thinking – Autos and Origins
                        Political Correctness

Chapter 6 Freedom
            US Constitution’s First Amendment
            Control of the Press in the 3rd Reich
            A Call to Action
                       Informing Yourself and Others
                        Political Action

Part 3 Parent’s Biblical Responsibility
Chapter 7 The Biblical Mandate
            Foundations of Wisdom & Knowledge
                        The Beginning of Knowledge Proverbs 1:1-7
                        The Enticement of Sinners Proverbs 1:8-19
                        The Call of Wisdom Proverbs 1:20-33
            Gaining and Teaching Wisdom & Knowledge
            Teaching Your Children 

Chapter 8 Fulfilling the Mandate
            Christian Apologetics
            Living the Reality
                        Sin and Repentance
                        Faith and Prayer

Chapter 9 Christian Parents Education Options
            Legal / Political Mandate
            Humanist Public Schools
            Humanist Private Schools
            Christian Private Schools
            Christian Home School
            Home School Resources
            Classical Christian Education – Caldwell Academy
                        Classical Christian Foundation
                        Statement of Faith


Appendix   Implications of Evolution – Chapter 12 – ANSWERS For: “The Hope That Is In You”

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