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Recommendations for Charlie’s publishing on KDP

Mary Theresa Webb, Ph.D.,  Lancaster, PA.  February 23, 2018

 To whom it may concern:

When my publisher went out of business and I needed to reprint one of my historical books about Thaddeus Stevens, I turned to Charlie Liebert to reprint a second edition in both e-book and paperback format on Amazon.com. Everything was accomplished online by email after he received the original documents from me in good time. When mistakes were made, Charlie fixed them appropriately and advised me when Amazon.com made errors.

In addition to his availability and knowledge about KDP, Charlie also assisted when I had problems with Amazon.

Sincerely,  Mary Theresa Webb




Author Liz Wooley.  10/01/19.  Charlie:  Thanks for your hard work, through the creation of this book.  Your help encouraged me to get it completed and printable.  You are a blessing!  Liz Wooley.

Author John Langel Sr.  My dear friend/brother Charlie, In Jesus. 10/19.  You are truly a blessing in our lives!!!  Thanks for all your work, perseverance and wisdom and insight.  Agape, John.  II Timothy 2:15 “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

 Two paperback editions of “Your Son Did NOT Die In Vain” were published as 1) 8X10 full-color edition and 2) 6X9 black & white.


Author Ed Rowse 12/19.  Hi Charlie,

Thank you for all you do in getting this book off the ground.  I am very satisfied with your work and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others as well as work with you further on other projects.

I leave for Spain on January 11.  I’d like to take two finished paperbacks with me.  Possible?  (Note; He took his copies)

Thanks, Ed.  Merry Christmas.  Our Savior was born!




Recommendation from Dan Kovlak author of “POPS an Autobiography of a Grandfather.”

If it wasn’t for Charlie, my book would have probably never been published.

He shepherded me through the entire process.

He made several recommendations that were great that improved the book. 

He was not wed to his opinions, but to mine. 

He was easy to work with and he always wanted the best for me. 

I definitely would use him again.   Thank you, Charlie.

Dan Koviak



                                                           May 2021

Hi Charlie:

Thank you for giving your time to this book project; “The Rescued Cat That Was Chipped.”

Here’s to all the future rescues that find open doors at Shelters to connect them with loving forever homes.  A Captivated Writer of The Rescued Cat…,







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