Liebert Family History

Liebert Annals in Deutschland, Our Complete German History. Liebert family history containing all of Volumes 1, 2 & 3 and Tales…  Begins in 1898 with my grandmother from Berlin in school in Northern Italy.  It ends with my Aunt Rosemarie’s survival of the Holocaust.  

Tales of a Teen Aristocrat, Pranksters, a Witch, Curses, Ghosts, and a Jew.    Composite of Liebert’s Annals in Deutschland with the family specific details removed that are not of interest to the general public.  It contains all three short stories:     Helene…, The Curse… and Rosemarie..

Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation. Volume 3. My twice Jewish aunt, with a Jewish father and a Jewish husband, survived the Holocaust in Germany 1937-1945 by becoming her Gentile cousin. This story is included in “Our Complete German History.”

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