Charlie’s Short Course in Evangelism

I wrote this booklet as a supplement to my book  Always Be Ready to Give an Answer. A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan; to be used to teach that book’s evangelism plan.  It can also stand alone because the dialogues included are complete for their target audience.  I wrote the text, Always, because I saw many of my Christian friends unwilling or unable to bring the Gospel to the unbelievers they encountered every day. Why were they so hesitant? When I asked them, the most frequent answer was this:

 Because I can’t answer all the hard questions they ask me like “Where did Cain get his wife? What happens to the native in the jungle that never heard the Gospel? Does he go to hell? Why do bad things happen to good people?” The Bible says, “Be ready to give an answer to the hope that is in you.” But I am not prepared! I can’t answer those questions! I just don’t know enough about the Bible or science or anything else! Help! I can’t witness to Christ’s life-changing power!

If that’s you, here is a plan to bring the Gospel to your unbelieving friends and family without immediately answering those hard questions. None of us has all the answers. You have your faith and the Holy Spirit to guide you. You can become a confident, fearless witness for Christ if you use the personal evangelism plan in Always Be Ready to Give an Answer. A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part 1 Foundations
  •             The Great Commission
  •             Jesus’ Approach to Challenges
  •             Presuppositional Approach
  •             Biblical Principles
  •                         The state of Man,  Dead in their Sin
  •                         Lazarus Example; Dead, Alive, Confession & Faith
  • Part 2 – Spiritual Temperature
  •             Cold Questioner
  •             Lukewarm Questioner
  •             Hot Questioner
  •             Closure
  • Part 3 – Specialized Dialogues    
  •             Atheist or Humanist
  •             Jehovah’s Witness
  •             Mormons, LDS        
  • Part 4 – Materialists.
  •             Immaterial Opposites         
  •             Historical Narratives
  •             Absolute Scientific Laws    
  •             Summary
  • Appendix 1
  •             Charlie’s Biography
  •             Charlie’s Many Different Careers
  •             Charlie’s Testimony
  • Appendix 2
  •             Using Mortality as an Evangelistic Tool
  • Appendix 3
  •             Books by Charlie Liebert.
  •                         Christian Apologetics
  •                         Christian Education
  •                         Fiction
  •                         Creative Historical Nonfiction        
  •             Short Stories available as eBooks



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