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Many living in Greensboro, NC recognize Charlie Liebert as the “Creation Guy” because of his ten-year running TV show on Greensboro Community Television, “Creation Foundation Explanation”.   Recorded seminars, workshops and question and answer sessions played on this show educated many children and adults in Greensboro about: Creation, Evolution, Science and the Bible.   Some of these videos, linked here, serve here as a supplement to his book  ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You” published in July 2015.  It contains direct, simple answers to over 100 of the “hard” questions that unbelievers ask Christians

Charlie became a Christian at age 35, converted from hard-core Atheism so he fully understands the Atheistic worldview. As a new Christian, he often heard the “hard” questions the world uses to stump believers.  When Jesus dealt with others he often answered questions with other questions to expose their motives and presuppositions.  In 2012 Charlie taught this strategy that Jesus used to a group of Christian Businessmen.  It was so well received he put it into a book Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!  This book presents the strategy of personal Christian evangelism that gets to the Gospel before answering those “hard” questions enabling one to share Christ at every opportunity.  As one reviewer said,Just the chapter on “Take Their Spiritual Temperatures” makes this book worth getting!  I joke now about hitting my non-Christian friends and family in their presuppositions.”

Charlie's Books

Charlie’s Books

These two books help Christians overcome their fear of answering the “hard” questions and lets them become fearless evangelists.  Jesus told us to share the Gospel to the world around us, now every Christian can share the Gospel with confidence!  Books may be purchased at:

More Information About Charlie Liebert, Author and Teacher

Triad Alive Interview 7/17/2015

Charlie’s Lakeside Testimony.

Charlie’s Testimony at Grace

Why did you become an Atheist as a young man and then later in life become a Christian?

To view video questions and answers, select one of the subject areas in the menu at the top right of this page.  All the questions listed in the pages that do not have YouTube links are answered in the book ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You”

Here is a website that lists many Creation sites. When you use any site be cautious about the credibility of any data you use.  Always verify anything you are unsure of.

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